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About Dropship Kick Fight the Fake Gurus
The world of “dropshipping” is just a cesspool of over-hyped “fake gurus” and hype cheap jacks…

The truth is that there are no winning products, and you will need a lot more than one product in your store if you want to realistically make a living out of dropshipping.

Fake gurus don’t have a ‘real business’ beyond selling you a course.

It seems like everyone is trying to sell you overpriced and underwhelming courses from their annoying webinars, right?

Ya, we feel that way, too… And we’re sick of it!

Most of the people selling courses are regurgitating ideas they learned in a course. It is like the courses are copies of copies, getting worse quality content every level… But still sold for ‘high ticket’ pricing. Usually the fake gurus don’t have a ‘real business’ beyond selling you that one course.

The fake guru’s formula usually looks like this: one product store + winning product + Facebook ads = get rich overnight.

Topics you will learn

We cover a variety of e-commerce & dropshipping topics so you can build a successful store and Online Marketing strategy. Everything we show you is based on real experience.

How to build a store and get traffic (SEO & Digital marketing)

How to manage an efficient remote team

Why mindset is the real key to your success

Goals of dropship kick

With more than 11 years of experience running a ‘real’ dropshipping business, we know what it means to start from scratch and make a store profitable.

To inform, inspire and educate our audience

Kick out the fake gurus from the dropshipping game

Continuously improve and deliver the best content

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